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Sizzling Summer Sale

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What makes Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint So Great?

 What we DON’T put in our products, sets us apart.

Why Wise Owl is a VOC free Paint:

VOC stands for Volatile Organic compound.  Sounds scary right?  Well, it can be some pretty bad stuff.  The downside of VOCs is that long term exposure to them can cause health problems like kidney and liver damage, respiratory distress and disease, cancer, memory loss, can trigger astma attacks and more.   Oil based paints are really the worst culprits when it comes to harboring these dangerous compounds but some water based paints have a high number of VOCs as well.

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint is a VOC free paint, so you won’t be bothered by smell, headaches, or have to risk your health while using our products.  We want you to love what you create, and not have to compromise your heath or the environment to do so!

Our waxes are all free of chemicals and solvents.  They are made with natural beeswax, natural candelilla wax (made from the Euphorbia cerifera plant), 100% hemp seed and coconut oils, activated charcoal, and natural mica pigments.  We even have  new waxes that feature essential oils!  

Some companies offer furniture waxes that contain chemicals that are hazardous to YOUR health. Prolonged exposure to these solvent based ingredients waxes may cause adverse effects to the liver and urinary systems. Reports have associated repeated and prolonged overexposure to solvents with permanent brain and nervous system damage.

These are just a few of the known dangerous compounds found in some furniture paints and waxes.  The truth is, these additives are generally used because they provide a cost savings to the manufacturer.  Using more natural ingredients can be costly but you do not need to sacrifice health to ensure great results.  Our waxes are strong, natural, and effective without putting you or your family at risk.  Our commitment to providing non-toxic premium products will not be compromised to save on manufacturing costs!

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is an 100% natural oil produced from extracting oil from seeds of the hemp plant, a renewable resource.  Using Hemp seed oil supports sustainable farming methods.  In its natural form, it is medium amber to dark greenish brown depending on the region from which it was harvested.  When unrefined, it retains more of its super powers including but not limited to; antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, wood and leather refresher and conditioning agent, Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint sealant, and more.  Wise Owl hemp oil is different from many hemp oils because it is cold pressed (retaining the most antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties) unrefined, and it is also second pressed (preventing it from spoiling like first pressed and refined food grade hemp seed oils.  This safe and natural alternative to sealants is so safe, you can use on cutting boards and to soften skin!  You can read all out our Hemp seed oil and its benefits here.If you use Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint, you already know that the absence of the above toxic chemicals does not diminish the quality of our products, it only helps by setting us apart from some less mindful folks in the industry.  We hope to inspire you to choose products that provide great results without risking your health.

Copied with permission from Wise Owl Paint Co. 

Irving Vintage Trail Market

Curiosity Shop is pleased to be a co-host for the Irving Vintage Trail Market on Saturday, April 1st in Historic Downtown Irving.

Irving Vintage Trail Market is a gathering of vintage, antique, collectible, primitive treasures along with one-of-a-kind products such as original art, handmade crafts, and edibles from locally owned businesses. 

1122 Studios will be set up for family photos in Historic Heritage Park. We even have a vendor to take Fur Baby photos. Other vendors include, Fresh Produce, Spring flowers and representatives from National Products such as Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Scentsy, Youniques, Lipsense, Premier Jewelry and more. 

Come join us for a day of shopping, good food, music, vintage cars and family fun. Please tell your friends, family and neighbors. 

If you're interested in setting up a booth or if you're a food vendor, applications are available at any of these Irving Vintage Trail Shops:

Curiosity Shop - Rock Island Rd. @ McArthur Rd.
FJS Vintage & Antiques - East Irving Blvd
Heritage Treasures - Main Street
On the Boulevard - West Irving Blvd.

Irving Vintage Trail Shops - Application -

Irving Vintage Trail Shops 

Container Garden Tips

Tip #1. Use paint to update or change the color on old containers. I used Wise Owl paint on a old brown flower pot that I wanted to give a "French Country" look to. I knew the Wise Owl would work on plastic but I didn't know how it would hold up in the weather. It turned out amazing....and still looks great after two years.  Spray paint works well for plastic too, but I wanted a more weathered softer look than spray gives you. Fastest way to update the plastic pot that your plants or flowers come in from the store is to paint it.

Tip 2: Think outside of the box (or use the box) and use the unexpected containers for your flowers or plants. Before tossing that metal container, old wooden box, broken dishware think how it might work in your garden as either a container or to spruce up with some color. If the item can provide drainage or easily have some holes drilled and it will hold at least 4 inches of soil it can be used to hold your lovely plants. The broken dishware or broken ceramic pots can be placed throughout the garden to bring some color and whimsy to the space. Be creative and have fun.

 Tip 3:Add interest, height and more color when you layer. Layer in a few complementary flowers or plants to give your container more depth and appeal.  Remember 3 words – Thriller, Filler, Spiller – Thriller is the tall dramatic flower that sits in the center or in the back center of the container. Filler is the low growing flower/plant that will spread out around the base of the container “filling” it in. Spiller is the flower that will flow over the sides of the container. Some height and a pop of color and suddenly your container comes alive and becomes the main attraction in  your garden or on your porch or patio.

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Christmas Treasures and Decor

Stop by Curiosity Soon for the best selection of lovely Christmas Decorations and unique & fun Christmas gifts for those on your list.

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